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Bull's Eye Game

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READY, SET, PLUNGE! - Are you fast enough to find the matching card first? Test your reflexes with this fast-paced, family-friendly matching game.

HOW TO PLAY - Flip the cards to reveal an animal. Can you spot its matching pair, plunge it and pick it up before the other players? You've gotta be fast!

ACTION-PACKED FOR GAME NIGHT - Challenge the whole family to a matching matinee! This family party game allows 5 players with 2 gameplay options for game night, parties, playdates and sleepovers.

WHO'S THE FASTEST IN YOUR FAMILY? - Have a fast mini gamer? They will love to test their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they rush to plunge the animals!

DESIGNED FOR AGES 3+ - The pieces feature eye-catching, vibrant colors and easy-to-identify animals. With 5 different mini plunger colors, kids are sure to get their favorite!

WARNING: VERY ADDICTIVE! - Just lay out the cards, flip from the stack and match! With such a simple setup, your family will have even more time to laugh and play.

WHAT’S IN THE GAME - This animal matching game includes 48 wacky animal cards, five mini-plungers and rules for two games.

GOOD GAME MATE! - Roo Games stems from award winning educational product and toy manufacturer Tree Toys. We're Aussies (mostly) and Americans and we guarantee innovation, creativity and high quality!

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Ages 3+
2 to 5 Players


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