Pickles to Penguins

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Pickles to Penguins is not a polite game! It is a quick-thinking picture-linking party game made for competitive people.  This frantic party game has no taking of turns - just an all out, go at it, get rid of your cards as fast as you can game!!

  • The frantic party game where you link the pictures to win; in our case all the way from a Pickle to a Penguin.
  • There's no taking turns, it's just a race to play out your 25 cards as fast as you can.
  • With 8 decks of cards and a total of 800 pictures, there are so many ways to figure out what your cards and the cards in play have in common.
  • Do they share a colour? Are both things made of metal? Do they both fly?
  • It's a race to use all of your cards first to win, so let the chaos begin but hey, don't stretch the connection too far or you'll be picking up a penalty.
  • A kite on a violin card? Both have strings. Great link. Salt on a Dalmatian card? My dog once ate a salt pot. no I don't think so, pick up a penalty card please.


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