Azure Blue 3 in 1 Metomics

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METOMICS is an innovative designer building block system made from precision cut anodised aluminium. These connect to create stunning designs, perfect for building, play and display by builders of all ages.

Each Metomics Collector Series 001 set contains 290 pieces to build 3 models. Additional Metomics Elements can be purchased to extend the sets and build your own creations.

This 3-in-1 set of 290 designer aluminium blocks builds:
Mecha 150mm high
T-Rex over 160mm high
Sparrow 100mm high
Each set includes a series of revolutionary articulated blocks which allow you to pose the models in lifelike positions.
Printed instructions for the Mecha are included
Scan the in-pack QR code to access digital instructions for T-Rex and Sparrow
Complete with hard plastic case for convenient storage.
Each set available in 3 metallic colours:
Azure Blue
Ruby Red
Aztec Gold


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Ages 12+

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