Animambo Whistle

Animambo Whistle

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Kids learn while they play and this Animambo Bird Whistle is a great introduction to music! With this beginner instrument, your child can create realistic sound with the ability to produce multiple notes by blowing into this bird shaped whistle. This hands-on activity helps develop motor skills, dexterity, coordination, listening and timing, rhythm, sequencing, creativity, imagination, and music appreciation in your kid.

Made from natural beech wood and decorated with cute big eyes, smiling beak, stripes, simple feathers, and geometric shapes in glossy, vibrant colors. 

  • - Animambo Bird Whistle
  • - 1 Wood Piece
  • - Part of the Animambo Collection
  • - Safe, Non-toxic paint
  • - 5 x 4 1/2 x 5 inches
  • - Ages 3 Years & up

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