Coral Mermaid Lounge

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  • Dive in and swim over to the Coral Mermaid Lounge. Find your friends, take a seat in the leaf lounge and share a refreshing beverage
  • Sitting is easy, thanks to the mermaids' ability to bend at the waist, or bend their bottom fins to have them stand on the ocean floor
  • Beautiful coral decor makes this a nice place to hangout. Pick up a net to collect all the pearls you may find!

Figures: 1 mermaid, 1 merman, 1 mermaid girl. Accessories: 1 coral lounge with lockable leaf, 2 corals, 1 rock with underwater plant, lantern and shelf, 1 algae leaf with handle, 1 collecting net for pearls, 1 treasure chest, 1 carafe, 2 glasses, 2 pillows, 4 pearls, 1 flask, 1 bottle, 1 mirror, 1 brush, 1 seahorse scepter, 6 jewels, 5 flowers, 1 flower necklace

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Ages 4+

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