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Test Tube Adventures Kit

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An award-winning member of our popular terrific “Test Tube” family, this kit is a collection of five amazing, stand alone, easy science experiments, each contained in an unbreakable test tube. Each test tube contains up to three cool activities and lots of science learning fun.

Twenty amazing activities inside! The test tubes can be used again and again after the experiments are done, and your kit contains a list of experiment ideas to get you started.

Ages: 8+

Vendor: Be Amazing

Item #4420

  1. Growing Color-Changing Jelly Crystals
  2. Thirsty Jelly Crystals
  3. Entropy
  4. Trick Your Friends!
  5. Make Your Own Bouncing Ball
  6. Energy of Bounce
  7. Touchable Bubbles
  8. Bubble Magic
  9. Make Worm Activator
  10. Wonder Worms
  11. Worm Eggs

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