16' Confetti Jumprope
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16' Confetti Jumprope

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  • OUTSIDE EXERCISE & FUN: Our colorful 16' long rope presents a fun way to kids on their feet and moving. Perfect on recess, in the gym, or in the back yard, our ropes last through years of activity!
  • COMFORTABLE WEIGHT & FEEL: Our ropes make that satisfying thump on the downswing, like heavy duty grade school ropes you remember! They won't hurt if you miss like most beaded or plastic ropes can.
  • OUR HIGH QUALITY ROPES: Are made with optimal pliability & durability. Knotted instead of handled, they fit boys & girls of different sizes & ages without cutting & retying.
  • AGILITY, BALANCE & COORDINATION: All come together beautifully in this colorful version of the old fashioned playground rope. Great for obstacle training, children's birthday activities & lawn sports.

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