All Season House (Furnished)

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There are as many ways to play with this house as there families in the world. Six rooms, moveable stairs, and a reversible winter/summer-themed, solar-paneled roof inspire year-round activities. Includes four room sets: Master Bedroom, Family Bathroom, Media Room and Kitchen.

The All-Season House is great for pretend family play year round. Arrange and rearrange the furnishings, stairs and even the roof to match the seasons. Includes six-level house with reversible roof panels for spring/summer and winter, a moveable balcony, two sets of moveable stairs and door with a mailbox that opens and closes. Furnishings for the kitchen, master bedroom, media room and bath room are included.

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Item #E3401B
Age: 3+ Years

Product: 23.62 x 11.81 x 28.9 inches

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