Azure Blue 3 in 1 Metomics

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Create shining metal animal models with METOMICS

METOMICS is an innovative designer building block system made from precision cut aluminium which is finished in a variety of metallic colours. Each Metomics Collector Series 002 set contains 150 pieces to build 3 models. Additional Metomics Elements can be purchased to extend the sets and build your own creations.

3-in-1 set of 150 designer aluminium blocks builds:

Butterfly 140mm
Deer over 130mm high
Gecko 200mm

Each set includes a series of revolutionary articulated blocks which allow you to pose the lifelike positions.
Printed instructions are included for the model featured on the packaging (Azure Blue - Butterfly, Aztec Gold - Deer, Ruby Red - Gecko)
Scan the in-pack QR code to access digital instructions for 2 more models
Complete with hard plastic case for convenient storage.
Each set is available in 3 metallic colours:
Azure Blue
Ruby Red
Aztec Gold
Contents: 150 pieces


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Ages 13+

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