Mary Meyer

Bella Bunny Character Blanket

Regular price $20.99

Whether for playtime or a cozy bedtime snuggle, our bunny is designed to be a delightful companion for baby. Its floppy ears and expressive eyes are sure to capture hearts and bring smiles to baby’s face.

What’s to love:
– Bunnies are a year-round best seller
– Luxurious super soft white fabric
– Mary Meyer exclusive modern floral print fabric
– Sweet detailed embroidery and blush cheeks

Our double layered blanket has a custom printed top layer, knotted corners, and a ribbed corduory reverse side

– 13×13″
– Stuffed bunny sits atop the center of the blanket
– Mary Meyer designed custom floral print
– Super soft ribbed plush backing
– Knotted corners provide tactile stimulation
– All embroidered details
– Machine wash, air dry

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