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Big Boggle Super

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  • THE ULTIMATE FOR WORD GAMERS: Everyone loves Boggle and Big Boggle - but have you played SUPER Big Boggle? Now you can make even longer words in the largest Boggle format in a 6x6 grid. The quality and quantity of words you can make in 4 minutes will blow your mind!
  • SETUP: Just like in standard Boggle, put the dome on the letter cube grid, shake, shake, shake - make sure all the cubes are in place, start the timer and let your eyes do the talking!
  • 36 LETTER CUBES: You read that right, 36 letter cubes! There's even a special double-letter cube that includes the 6 most useful 2-letter combinations in the English language!
  • 4 MINUTES: Don't panic - you've got 2 more minutes than standard Boggle - and you'll need every second! There are a lot of words that can be formed with 36 letter cubes so take your time and focus!
  • 4 LETTER MINIMUM: Gone are the days of making a ton of easy 3 letter words. Super Big Boggle will challenge your brain to make 4 letter words or higher. It is a bit tricky - but we know you can do it!

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