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Learn all about the butterfly life cycle with Insect Lore's best-loved butterfly kit. See Tiny Caterpillars Grow, Grow, Grow into Butterflies!

A family and educator favorite for over 50 years, the Butterfly Garden® with live caterpillars provides fun learning and will engage the whole family. It comes with 5 baby caterpillars and everything you need to get them growing! The entire project takes about 3 weeks. Watch the transformation from caterpillars to chrysalides, to beautiful Painted Lady butterflies - then let your butterflies go to help pollinate our world.


Butterfly feeder color may vary.

Please check the weather in your area. Daytime temperatures must be 55 degrees Fahrenheit or above when you release your butterflies.

We cannot ship live insects to Mexico, Canada, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.

Ages 4+

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