Council of Shadows

Regular price $50.99
  • 1 game board, 4 player boards, 4 screens, 120 cubes, 55 gems, 4 energy markers, 24 action cards, 25 AI cards, 31 solar system tiles, 27 bonus cards, 16 dark tech cards, 6 leader cards, 12 space station cards, and a rulebook.
  • Great Replay Value – With near endless strategies to explore, you’ll enjoy racing for a seat on the Council of Shadows again and again! Optional expansions for Space Stations and Leaders let you control complexity.
  • Perfect for Families – This game of galactic strategy is perfect for 1-4 players ages 14 and up.
  • Flexible Play – Battle against the AI with special rules for solo gameplay: Automa Mode!
  • Quality You Trust – Ravensburger has been making quality games, puzzles, and toys for over 130 years.

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