Emma Drink & Wet Bath

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  • Emma drink-and-wet baby doll is your potty-training ally - she drinks her bottle, goes potty "for real" when her tummy is pressed and can take a bath
  • Designed for play and learning - anatomically correct doll and realistic feeding and bathroom behavior helps young kids learn the basics of potty training through hands-on play
  • Creating a special bond between child and doll - with a reassuring face, sleeping eyes, signature Vanilla scent and the perfect soft-body feel, Corolle dolls make an immediate and long-lasting connection with kids
  • Designed for nurturing play and development - the soft, bean-filled body is perfectly sized at 14” tall for kids ages 2 years and up who need a doll that is small, lightweight and easy to grasp, hold and carry
  • Designed in France with style and durability - made with synthetic materials and surface washable, Corolle dolls hold up to daily play, are easy to clean and deliver the long-lasting quality needed for a child's favorite doll

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