flexs by Speks (assorted colors)

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what are fleks?

the world’s first silicone magnetic desk toy. build a sculpture garden at your desk or bend your imagination with a million different combinations. bendy silicon meets rare earth magnets in this flexible, snappable, pliable, playable party for your fingers.

the specs.

- 8 super bendy silicone pieces 

- 22 rare earth magnets

- 3 designer colors per set

- metal building base

play on the base.

use the metal building base as a starting point for your creations. is it a modern art sculpture, a desk pet, or a zen garden? it’s up to you

or go freestyle.

discover and construct endless geometric combinations. start with a series of triangles and squares and build up from there. the more sets you have, the more shapes you can make!

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Ages 14+

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