Fox 14"

Fox 14"

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The Aurora Fox Plush is an adorable rendition of the woodland favorite, ready to bring a touch of the forest into your home. With its soft, reddish coat and inquisitive gaze, this plush captures the essence of the fox's charm.

Designed to be a cuddly friend for all ages, this fox is just as suitable for adventurous playtime as it is for becoming a beloved part of your nighttime routine. This fox isn't just a toy; it's a plush pal that will inspire tales and adventures for years to come.

Outfox the Ordinary - Take Home Your Fox Plush Companion!

  • This plush is approx. 9.5" x 9" x 11" in size
  • Made from deluxe materials for a cloud-like softness!
  • Designed for ultimate naptime snuggles or displaying high-quality stuffed animals!
  • Its high-quality durability ensures a long time of meaningful cuddles
  • To ensure stability and quality, this plush contains bean pellets suitable for all ages

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