Gel Pens Scented

Gel Pens Scented

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Scentos Sugar Rush is an expansive line of candy-scented stationery products scented to sweet perfection. From butterscotch and bubblegum, to grape and cotton candy, Sugar Rush applies Scentos innovative scent technologies to a complete line of pencils, erasers, stamps, pens and even notepads. Know someone with a sweet tooth? Ease their craving with a Sugar Rush stationery!


• Sugar Rush scented gel pens are perfect gel pens for adult coloring

• Includes 24 Candy scented gel pens – 12 regular and 12 glitter gel pens

• The best glitter gel pens for bullet journal pens – bujo set of gel pens

• Colorful gel pens fine tip makes for great note taking

• Very yummy scented glitter gel pens are perfect gel pens for kids

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