Girl Power Card Game

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  • THE FUTURE IS FEMALE: The classic spoons game is given a feminist makeover in this super speedy, super fun card game. Female icons are divided into categories including movies, music, sport and more. Your task is to collect a whole category as fast as you can and snatch a pioneer from the middle. You’ve gotta be in it to win it. #WhoRunTheWorld
  • SUITABLE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Looking for new fun family games or card games for adults and teenagers? This new and amusing card game is loved by kids, adults and teens and makes a hilarious party game to play with friends and family! Makes a great travel game or can be played at home on the sofa or at a table. A perfect addition to holiday games!
  • FEATURES 56 INSPIRATIONAL WOMEN: We’ve included all your favourite female icons, such as Michelle Obama, Greta Thunberg and Rosa Parks. (We had to leave out Wonder Woman. That’s how strong the rest of these women are!) This smart party game is educational and inspirational. And proof that feminists don’t wear pink! So ditch the boring old board games, it's time for your family to enter the 21st century with the Bubblegum Stuff Girl Power Game!
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT OR PRESENT: Looking for inspirational gifts or positive gifts for girls? This speed spoons game makes a great gift for kids, teenagers and adults! Whether it's a birthday gift for a boy or a girl or board games for families to play at Christmas - this fun yet educational game brings everyone together on any occasion.
  • PERFECT FOR YOUR GAME NIGHT PARTY GAMES: Great for a family games night or for families and friends that just love board games. Kids, teenagers and adults will have hours of endless fun and laughter! This top family board game is a favourite in many households. It’s the numero uno game for feminists! x57 cards included.

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