Husky 14"

Husky 14"

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Prepare for a sleigh-load of cuddles with the Arctic Explorer Husky Plush from Aurora’s beloved Winter Cuddles Collection. This husky stuffed animal is created with high-quality soft materials, making it as durable as it is snuggly.

It features a striking gray and white coat, bright blue eyes, and soft, pointed ears that are true to the husky's spirited nature. Designed for husky lovers and plush collectors, this stuffed animal is the perfect snowy companion for any adventure.

Lead the Pack with Your Own Husky Plush - Adopt Now!

  • This plush is approx. 10.5" x 10.5" x 11.5" in size
  • Made from deluxe materials for a cloud-like softness!
  • Designed for ultimate naptime snuggles or displaying high-quality stuffed animals!
  • Its high-quality durability ensures a long time of meaningful cuddles
  • To ensure stability and quality, this plush contains bean pellets suitable for all ages

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