Fun In Motion

Juggling Glow Led Balls

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  • 🤹 MANY LIGHT UP BALLS FOR KIDS BREAK EASILY, ruining your fun. That’s why the UNIQUE design of our Fun in Motion Glow Ball Set is MADE TO TAKE A BEATING – WITHOUT BEING TOO HARD. These juggling LED balls are PROFESSIONALLY SIZED & WEIGHTED, with a unique, SOFT CORE filled with clear pellets for PROPER BALANCE, our DURABLE & RELIABLE light up juggling kit keeps the fun going for hours.
  • 🌈 PAINT THE NIGHT with COLOR & LIGHT! Amaze your friends with 20 VIVID COLOR LIGHT MODES! Our balls that glow use LED Glow.0 technology with a FULL SPECTRUM OF 19 VIBRANT pre-set COLOR LIGHT MODES & PATTERNS, plus 1 CUSTOMIZABLE SETTING for almost infinite possibilities for a truly mesmerizing performance including: FLAME, Rainbow Ribbon, RAINBOW FADE, Strobe & MORE!
  • ⚡ NO BATTERIES REQUIRED. The Fun in Motion led light ball 3-PIECE SET is micro USB RECHARGEABLE and can be FULLY CHARGED IN UNDER 2HRS for up to 10HRS of fun, making it EASY TO KEEP YOUR festival gear GLOWING BRIGHT! AWESOME FOR SHOWS and FESTIVALS or just for fun, our juggle balls will take your juggling to the next level.
  • 💫 PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS AND PROS, our 69mm STANDARD-SIZED LED juggling balls set with their QUALITY MATERIALS and INNOVATIVE design, BRING THE JOY AND ART OF JUGGLING TO EVERYONE. Create a vibrant light show WHILE IMPROVING HAND-EYE COORDINATION. Our LED light up ball set is fun, SKILL-ENHANCING, and seriously cool-looking.
  • ✨ AT FUN IN MOTION, WE CREATE toys that STIMULATE the MIND, BODY & IMAGINATION. USA & Germany designed, our award-winning flow toys are made to challenge the senses, build skill & coordination, and BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER for hours of fun. Your happiness is our #1 goal! If you need any help with your juggling spin balls, our Happiness Engineers are STANDING BY.

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