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Little Bug Keeper

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This Little Bug Keeper from Insect Lore is designed for little hands and little bugs! Your child can safely view, observe, and learn about insects, then release them back into their natural habitat.

The green leafy carabiner easily clips to belt loops and backpacks. The special magnifying lid is vented to allow bugs to breathe easy while in captivity. The 3X magnifying lid allows for close-up viewing of your friendly critters. Included is a special soft, squishy, anatomically correct ladybug to get your viewing started! A great tool that will provide hours of educational play. Great for homeschool or classroom use. Be sure to order your Little Bug Keeper today!

- Little Bug Keeper by Insect Lore
- Clear jar for easy viewing
- Lid magnifies 3X and has ventilation
- Carabiner clips to belt loops & backpacks
- Great for homeschool or classroom use

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Ages 4+

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