Magna Tiles Jungle 25 Pc

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  • Magna-Tiles® Jungle Animals 25-Piece Set lets you bring your favorite creatures home.
  • Includes magnetic animals - a tiger, leopard, caiman, sloth and hippopotamus plus new colors and patterns to bring playtime alive.
  • Using the magnetic shapes, help foster a child's natural interest in animals and enhance vocabulary by acting out playful scenes including roars of tigers and the grunts of hippos.
  • Designed for ages 3 and up, these magnetic shapes are easy for little hands to grasp and magnetically connect with a satisfying "click."
  • Magna-Tiles® brand magnetic animal toys are compatible with other construction sets from the Magna-Tiles® family, making it easy for kids to expand their world with the shapes already in their collection.
  • Did you know that sloths spend up to 90% of their lives hanging upside down? The Magna-Tiles® Jungle Animals 25-Piece Set is crafted for years of playtime and includes fun facts about safari animals right on the box.


Take an exciting journey into the Jungle! These unique and adorable Jungle animals are ready for your child’s next great adventure in creativity and learning. Match the animals to their footprints and build new and exciting environments. And with fun, new characters, colors and patterns, there are no limits to the imaginative play possibilities.

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