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Monster Expedition

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  • AGES 12+, 1-4 PLAYERS: Great for small groups or just one player, features 10 solo challenges for solitary players
  • Embark on an adventure to three exotic ecosystems, teeming with legendary monsters. Manage your dice rolls carefully to capture the most ferocious creatures and harness the powers of your captives to ensnare additional beasts. Purchase (or steal!) cages that allow you to keep your catch secret from other players – an advantage to only the bravest and luckiest of all hunters. Build a robust basecamp and earn the most victory points to win acclaim in the Royal Monstrological Society.
  • A stand-alone game by esteemed designer Alexander Pfister (creator of Great Western Trail) set in the world of Richard Garfield’s Carnival of Monsters
  • From success and connoisseur game author Alexander Pfister
  • Stunning, imaginative graphics by world-renowned game illustrators
  • INCLUDES: 60 Expedition Cards, 12 Supply Camp Cards, 36 Hunting Tokens, 11 Dice, 1 Game Board, Illustrated Instructions