Multi Activity Kit Fairy

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  • A comprehensive set with 6 fairy-themed creative activities: painting, drawing, gluing, 3D models, scratch cards, 3D paintings
  • All the accessories are provided
  • A booklet with step-by-step descriptions
  • FSC Certified (Mix)
  • Design by Marie Desbons
  • 1 board to paint, 1 palette with 8 gouache pigment dots and a brush, 4 shaped scratch cards with iridescent metallic effect,1 wooden stylus
  • Animals to assemble: 4 sheets of pre-cut cardboard parts to be detached and then assembled
  • 1 printed work board, 1 sheet of double-sided adhesive foam adhesive dots, 4 sheets of glitter in different colors
  • Drawing: 1 triptych panel to be completed, 13 foam stamps, 1 purple ink pad, 1 gold gel pen
  • 3D sketches: 2 work boards, 2 pre-cut printed sheets with paper elements to be detached and affixed, 1 sheet of double-sided foam adhesive dots
  • Recommended for ages 6-10 years

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