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Persian Cat Family Calico Critters

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Persian Cat Family is a 4 piece set: including Persian Cat Father, Persian Cat Mother, and twin Persian Cat Girls with movable heads and limbs. Enjoy putting them in different poses. A fluffy Persian Cat Family. An amazing family with the Father who loves to dance, the Mother who loves the stars, and the twin girls who have always been close. All are wearing different colored checkered outfits. Combine with Persian Cat Twins and Persian Cat Triplets for more enjoyable play (sold separately). Enjoy even more varied play with our houses and furniture! (sold separately) Persian Cat Father, Persian Cat Mother, Persian Cat Girl (Pink dress), Persian Cat Girl (Yellow dress) (a total of 4 pieces)

  • Persian cat poseable collectible figures
  • Four piece set including mother, father and two sisters
  • Dressed in removable fabric clothing
  • Play together with houses, playsets, furniture and accessories to create your Calico world

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    Age: 3+ years