Pickleball Carbon Tech

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Elevate your game with the KETTLER Carbon Tech Pickleball Set. Carbon Paddles are known for their stiffness, durability and power and are considered to be high-performing and long-lasting.  One of the benefits of using a carbon paddle is its ability to provide more power and control on shots, especially on hard hits and smashes.  Carbon paddles are also lightweight, which can help players generate faster swing speeds and quicker reactions at the net. It's important to note that while carbon paddles can provide certain advantages, the best paddle for any player depends on their personal preferences, playing style and skill level.  If you’re looking for a paddle with a softer touch, check out our Halo Pickleball Paddles.

  • Form fitting non-slip grip handle
  • Paddle is made of Carbon material which give you better power
  • Set includes 2 Paddles, 3 Balls and a Convenient shoulder bag

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