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  • AUTHENTIC DETAIL. Measuring 4.06” x 1.22” x 2.36” (LxWxH), the toy pig from Schleich Farm World is E-I-E-I-Oh so realistic, from its short-bristled skin to its snout-standing facial features
  • DURABLE QUALITY. Generations of Schleich pig toys are found in toy chests from coast to coast, many of them decades old. With our commitment to enduring quality, it’s easy to see why
  • SPARKS OF STORYTELLING. Some pigs need spiders to help tell their stories, but not this one…in a child's hand, this pig's story begins, expands, zigs, zags, somersaults, and begins again
  • LIMITLESS PLAY. What if a pig opened a lemonade stand? Or started a rock ‘n’ roll band on the moon? In a child’s hands, a Schleich pig is a gateway to imagination without boundaries.
  • TODDLER-FRIENDLY. This little piggy goes to market with kids ages 3 and up.

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