Pintos & Palominos Gift Set

Pintos & Palominos Gift Set

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Stablemates Pintos and Palominos 4 Horse Set
It’s hard to resist the appeal of a palomino or pinto coat! This flashy 4 horse set includes a Tobiano Chocolate Palomino, Isabella Palomino, Sooty Overo Pinto Palomino, and a Golden Palomino.

Breyer Stablemates: At 1:32 scale, measure approximately 3.5" x 3.5", are as expertly sculpted and hand-painted as larger Breyer horses. Stablemates also offer a wide range of accessories and play sets for exciting play and lifetime collectability for both kids and adults. The complete Stablemate lines consists of Horses, Craft Kits, Playsets, Barns, Vehicles, Surprise Horse Blind Bags and the Horse Crazy Collection. Recommended for ages 4+.