Pound Puppies Newborn

Pound Puppies Newborn

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  • SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS These new Pound Puppies Newborns plush are crafted from sustainable, recycled fabrics that are gentle on the environment while also being soft and snuggly to the touch.
  • LITTLE PUPS, BIG PERSONALITIES Each Pound Puppies Newborn wears a fun and colorful new diaper that reveals its hidden personality! Will your pup be zany, sleepy, cuddly, or something else?
  • SOFT BLACK FUR This sweet pup has soft black fur that is fun to hug and cuddle - the perfect companion for playtime or naptime!
  • LONG FUZZY EARS Kids will love rubbing and petting this puppy’s long, soft, extra-fuzzy black ears.
  • ADOPTION CERTIFICATE Each Pound Puppy Newborn comes with a name tag to help you name your small new pal, and an adoption certificate to make your new family member official!