Risky Itzi

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The Fast, Fun, and Twisted Word Matching Adult Party Card Game

Risky ITZI is an easy to learn, fast paced card matching word game that rewards creativity and warped thinking. Quick, name a drink with bubbles that starts with “C.” If you said, “Champagne” or “CoIa,” you pretty much know how to play.

Risky ITZI is super-simple to learn, and super-fast to play! Be the first to get rid of your 5 letter cards to win. There’s not just one way to playRisky ITZI, there’s plenty of fun, “colorful” twists.

Keep it tame or take a little darker turn, Risky ITZI answers can be as "risky" as you please. Players come up with the answers and can decide how inappropriate they want to be. Just be careful who you play with, you'll have to live with their unsettling answers. Risky ITZI is a great choice for your next adult game night, party, girl’s night, road trip, or any other time you’re looking for fun, fast-paced entertainment. A ton of laughs went into making this game and we think you’ll get just as many out of playing it.


  • 120 Clue Cards

  • 75 Letter Cards

PLAYERS: 2 to 8
AGE: 17 to 117

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