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Scattergories Stackagories

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The great game of Scattergories debuted in 1988 and now there’s a new twist on the game! Each player controls their own set of colored stacking pieces. Lay out the Letter Cards, flip a Category Card and the one-minute timer and the game is on! Players, playing simultaneously, shout out words that fit the category and place one of their stacking pieces on the corresponding letter card. When time’s up, the player who has their colored stacking piece on the top of the stack scores for that card. The more pieces under their piece, the higher the score!

  • Ages:12 and up
  • Players:2 to 4
  • Contents:48 Plastic Stacking Pieces (12 each of 4 different colors), 100 Category Cards (Printed both sides, 200 Categories in Total), 23 Letter Cards, 1 Minute Sand Timer and Illustrated Instructions.

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