Small Deluxe Horse Collection

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Stablemates Deluxe Horse Collection - The perfect set to jump-start any Stablemates Collection! A gorgeous assortment of breeds and colors makes this set stand out from the herd. Includes 8 models: Paint Horse, Morgan, Brabant, Thoroughbred, Warmblood, Andalusian, Arabian and Lipizzaner.

Paint: American Paint Horses will always catch your eye with their unique coats, which display overo, tovero, or tobiano patterns.
Morgan: The versatile Morgan is an American breed that has done everything from pulling fancy carriages and working on farms to serving as cavalry mounts!
Brabant: Large-bodied and powerful, the Brabant is a draft horse breed from Belgium that is commonly used for heavy drafting work.
Thoroughbred: These sleek racehorses have long legs and powerful muscles, which allow them to run at top speed for distances of up to 1.5 miles!
Warmblood: Fantastic dressage and jumping mounts, most Warmblood breeds originated in Europe where cold- and hot-blooded breeds were crossed to create these strong and athletic horses.
Andalusian: Also known as the PRE (Pure Spanish Horse), the Andalusian hails from the Iberian Peninsula and has been the mount of nobility, matadors, and classical dressage riders!
Arabian: Beautiful and intelligent, the Arabian has incredible stamina which makes them outstanding endurance riding horses.
Lipizzaner: These elegant and often grey horses were bred to excel in classical dressage, and are known for performing the dramatic “airs above ground” maneuvers.

Breyer Stablemates: At 1:32 scale, approximatly 3.5" x 4", are as expertly sculpted and hand-painted as larger Breyer horses. Stablemates also offer a wide range of accessories and play sets for exciting play and lifetime collectability for both kids and adults. The complete Stablemate lines consists of Horses, Craft Kits, Playsets, Barns, Vehicles, Surprise Horse Blind Bags and the Horse Crazy Collection. Recommended for ages 4+.