Snowpets Arctic Adventure
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Snowpets Arctic Adventure

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Snow Pets Collectible Minifigures. A World of Friendship, Fun and Adventure. Snow Pets are adorable animals who are ready to come and play with you! Simply unwrap at the seam and remove the sticker on top. Fill with water and watch the snow expand until the lid tips off and you reveal who you get. Immediately play with your new friend in the snow and let the adventure begin!

Each Snow Pet comes inside a snowball egg that reveals a surprise snow pal figure. Kids must fill the egg with water to reveal their new Snow Pet! The Snow Pets can be played with, displayed and even be used pencil toppers! There are 8 different characters to collect but each one of them has a rare glittery version, making a total of 16 Snow Pets! (each sold separately) Product Dimensions: 9.6cm × 8.2cm × 12.3cm Suitable for kids from ages 4 years and older.

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