Thunder Shaker

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 Three assorted styles: Flaming Dragon, Roaring Yeti, Thunder God

Shake, rumble and roar with Schylling’s Thunder Shaker; the incredible sound making toy. Simply shake the high quality metal cylinder in your hand and hear it come to life! The metal springs will dance and vibrate, creating rumbling, roaring, thunderous sounds. Available in 3 designs of Flaming Dragon, Roaring Yeti, or Thunder God. No batteries needed.


• Shake, rumble and roar with Schylling’s Thunder Shaker toy
• Made of high-quality metal with a 16″ metal spring
• Shake the toy to bring it to life; watch the metal spring dance, feel it vibrate and hear the rumbling, roaring and thunderous sounds
• No batteries needed
• Enjoyable for all ages 5+

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