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Tropical Fish Gloplay

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  • Powerful light, 70 times brighter than other in the market 20 minutes after getting dark.
  • Light persistence with a lifetime guarantee to continue shining brightly without battery.It keeps shining more than 5 hours, so it gives peace of mind even if the child wakes up at midnight.
  • *Full charge after 10mins of light exposure (with sunlight) / 30mins with room lights only.
  • Stick it and peel off anywhere anytime without adhesive to attach and Durable, water-resistant. It can be easily removed by children so move them around and challenge their creativity.
  • CONTENT:Tropical Fish x 14 Seaweed x 1 Coral x 2 Rock x 4 Bubble x 42

    Vendor: Gloplay-Mira Deign

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    Ages 4 & up

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