Vehicles Gloplay
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Vehicles Gloplay

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Vehicles Gloplay
  • VEHICLE SERIES: (1) Airplane, (1) Airship, (1) Train, (5) Traffic Sign, (6) Traffic Cone, (3)Traffic Light, (3) Cloud, (1) Hot Air Balloon, (3) Skyscraper, (1) SUV, (1) Convertible, (2) Car, (1) Truck, (2) Boat, (1) Motorcycle
  • LEARN, CREATE AND PLAY: Gloplay stickers allow kids to learn and play for hours on end. Teach a new concept or let the kids imagination run wild!
  • SHINE BRIGHT: Powerful light, 70 times brighter than other stickers on the market.
  • SHINE LONGER: Shining for more than 5 hours, Gloplay stickers last long after the lights have gone out.
  • STICK AND RE-STICK ANYWHERE: Stick peel off anywhere, anytime without additional adhesive. Durable, water-resistant it can be applied to variety of surfaces, removed and re-stuck again and again for endless play.
  • PLAY THE DAY AWAY: Creating new worlds with Gloplay allow kids to reset into a calming state while still providing a fun and educational experience.