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Veterinarian Dog Activity Set

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The perfect gift for little animal lovers, this STEM-inspired play set contains everything kids need for creative role-play, including a plush dog, working stethoscope, and more. Vets-in-the-making use the play props to perform guided activities on their own or with a parent; finish all of the activities, then conduct a graduation ceremony complete with veterinary diploma!

Product Features:

Adorable playset includes a premium plush dog, stethoscope, guided role-play activities and props, and a veterinary diploma
STEM-inspired play provides exposure to a medical career
Role-play activities can be conducted independently or with a parent or friend
Kids can complete the activities again and again to hone their pet-care skills
Encourages empathy, health awareness, imagination, creativity, and problem-solving
Designed for children ages six and up


Premium plush puppy
Real stethoscope
Student doctor ID badge
Veterinarian workbook
Activity sheets
Reusable marker
Tape measure
Latex-free gloves
Healthy dog treat recipe card
Bone-shaped cookie cutter
Modeling dough
Tick stickers
Veterinarian diploma
Adoption certificate

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