Spinning Squirrel W/U
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Spinning Squirrel W/U

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Go nuts with this squirrely pal! Scamper the Spinning Squirrel is ready to swirl: just wind him up and watch him whirl! See what games you can create:

  • Build a tiny treehouse home out of things you can find around the house: paper clip "vines," cardboard "trunks," eraser "acorns," etc. (just be sure to ask for your parent's permission before using anything!)
  • Mini golf: make the squirrel lauch an aluminum foil ball into a "hole"- a paper target on the floor, a tilted bucket on the ground, or a wide cardboard tube.

See what other games you can make with this superbly swirly friend! No batteries required.

  • Wind Up Scamper the Spinning Squirrel
  • Lays on his belly and the acorn spins him in circles
  • No batteries required

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