The Hamilton Group, Ltd.

Western Plush Pony Purse

Regular price $14.99


  • Measures  9 1/2" by 7 1/2"
  • Not suitable for children under 3
  • Spot clean only

If you're a horse girl, you know how expensive they are to maintain. So when you're cute little girl starts asking for her first pony, try getting her this Western Plush Pony in a Purse by The Hamilton Group. Cute and compact, the best thing about this little horse is that he can travel with you wherever you go. Plus, keeping fashion in mind, there's nothing better than when your purse matches your pony, am I right? So with some cute brown fringe on the sides and a white and brown speckling, this purse also proudly declares your love for horses on the front. Once you're done traveling with your little pony purse, you can open the velcro clasp on the top and let your little pony out to play! 

While this sweet pony doesn't come with a name, that just means that you get to give him one. A beautiful sable color, and soft and easy to squeeze, We can only imagine the cute name you'll give him. Plus, he's got a cute little white diamond square on his forehead. Maybe his name should be Diamond? That would be pretty cute! As part of our Hamilton Group collection, you know you're getting something really special. This family has worked hard for over 60 years to bring fun and interesting keepsakes to the people of Montana. Whether it be something soft and cuddly like this or a commemorative keychain, you're going to find the perfect Montana souvenirs. So while your little girl might be begging for her first pony, we recommend starting with the Western Plush Pony in a Purse by The Hamilton Group. 

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