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Yellow Lab Twins Calico Critters

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The Yellow Labrador Twins set includes the Yellow Labrador twins figures (one sitting and one crawling) and a ride-on toy. The figures can be posed by moving the head. 

  • Yellow Labrador Twins' heads can turn. Yellow Labrador Twin (sitting) can fit inside the ride-on toy. Put Yellow Labrador Twin's (crawling) hand on the ride-on toy handle to act out pushing it.
  • The crawling Yellow Labrador Twin is a baby boy who loves to blow his toy trumpet together with Yellow Labrador Girl as she plays the piano.
  • The sitting Yellow Labrador Twin is a baby girl who looks up to her older sister, Yellow Labrador Girl. She watches her older sister closely and copies what she does. 
  • Play together with Yellow Labrador Family (sold separately) for more delightful fun. Mix and match with other homes, furniture, or figures (sold separately) for imaginative playtime.
  • Or hang out with other Twins with ride-on toys (sold separately) to simulate group outings!Yellow Labrador Twin (sitting), Yellow Labrador Twin (crawling), Ride-on Toy (Car, Purple) (a total of 3 pieces)

      Age: 3+ years

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